HTC introduces its Boombass Bluetooth speaker box

From The Verge:

Not content to let the likes of Jambox and Sonos dominate the wireless speaker market, HTC is today introducing a new phone peripheral it’s calling the BoomBass. It isn’t technically a dock since no physical connection is made between the phone and the cuboid subwoofer, but it serves pretty much the same purpose with its slideout stand acting as a nice platform for your oversized Android handset. Pairing the BoomBass can be done via NFC, if you have a compatible phone, while music streaming is conducted over Bluetooth 3.0. We didn’t get to hear how powerful the BoomBass’ bass truly is, but HTC promises it will “bring a touch of the audiophile experience” to the mobile user.

The Boom audio brand may become more important to HTC going forward as Beats Audio seeks to end its partnership with the Taiwanese phone manufacturer.

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